About us

Love wine? Same. Understand wine? Nope, us neither.

One sunny afternoon in summer 2020, as we cracked open the second bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in Battersea Park the rather bold question of 'how much money do you reckon we spend on wine?' was asked. You’re probably shuddering at the thought – we did too! Well, it opened a whole can of worms, culminating in us realising that we knew very little about the thing we loved most and spent a huge chunk of our money on. That’s when Sip Happens was born.

We wanted to understand what we loved about wine, why we loved the wine we did, whilst avoiding the wines we didn’t (because let’s face it, enough shit happens in life without a having a bad bottle of wine to add to the list). Naturally, we’d been to wine tastings in the past – but had we remembered anything? Absolutely not. We still reverted to the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc on every menu, and in every supermarket (we love a NZ Savvy B, but it was time to broaden our horizons).

We wanted to create a new wine tasting experience, something fun and exciting, that would help us learn a little on the way. Think Monopoly Deal meets blind wine tasting (I know what you’re thinking, Monopoly and wine, dangerous combo, just trust us on this one).

We don’t claim to be experts, but we think we’ve created something pretty special to help people learn more about the wine that’s right for them. We're all on this journey together, so let’s have some fun.

Here's a little extra nugget for you, turns out there's a fair bit of gender inequality in the wine world, and women are far less confident choosing wine than men. We're hoping our boxes will help change this. Each box includes a wine from a female producer and if you follow our Instagram, you'll always see us highlighting some amazing work from women in the industry.

Enjoy, wine lovers! X