You Rioja My World

You Rioja My World

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When you’re not sure what to look for, finding the right bottle of red can be intimidating, especially with wine buffs tossing around big words. Don’t let the fancy lingo put you off this rouge selection. Easy to drink, easy to understand, it's your perfect introduction.

This box includes:

  • Five red wine samples (100ml samples if you select 2 players, 200ml samples if 3-4 players and 330ml samples if 5-6 players)
  • Sip Happens playing cards and rule book
  • Score sheet
  • A Wine 101 guide

All you need is:

  • Wine glasses for each person playing 
  • A pen and paper

We deliver every Thursday - you can pick which week you'd like to receive your order once you've added your box to the cart. Remember, the wine shelf life is 4 days from delivery, so don't let it go to waste!

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