Chardonnay or Should I Go?

Chardonnay or Should I Go?

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Love white wine but want to know a little more about the most loved grape varieties out there? Then this is the box for you. Sip your way through these fresh and zesty whites for those sunshine-y days ahead!

This box includes:

  • Five white wine samples (100ml samples if you select 2 players, 200ml samples if 3-4 players and 330ml samples if 5-6 players)
  • Sip Happens playing cards and rule book
  • Score Sheet
  • A Wine 101 guide

All you need is:

  • Wine glasses for each person playing 
  • A pen and paper

We deliver every Thursday - you can pick which week you'd like to receive your order once you've added your box to the cart. Remember, the wine shelf life is 4 days from delivery, so don't let it go to waste!

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